The Blackwell Series: Graphic Adventure Games with substance(but, not always physical form).


Rosangela Blackwell has a secret.

Only Joey Mallone knows what that secret is,

and Joey is the Blackwell family ghost who can only be heard or scene by Rosangela.

Sounds like an airtight secret right?

Not quite.

You see the creator has decided that the ladies of the Blackwell bloodline should be haunted by Joey and together they are to assist spirits who get stuck in the realm of the living move literally into the light. Sounds a little Ghost Whisperer? Let it slide. The game is an old school point and click style narrative puzzle game. Ask the right question and make the right moves to advance the tale. the Blackwell Legacy was released in 2006 and The Blackwell Convergence in 2009, the graphics are more along the lines of something produced in 1990. This doesn’t hurt it at all(isn’t retro graphics a thing now?). I enjoyed the story enough to play through the first game in under 4 hours. I was recovering from a leg injury and sort of strapped to my couch, but, this wasn’t the only game I took a shot at (Detective Grimoire was the other that I liked and will note). At present I am an hour or two into The Blackwell Convergence.

Here is what I like:

The art is nice.

The story is well done.

The music is enjoyable.

With a little thought the game settings and events could lead to some very heavy thinking.

Oh, and if you hurry the whole set may still be on sale on steam!!!

Run! Run!!

Winter biking is a very serious matter.

Funniest post by far about cycling and how people are when you step outside the status quo using perfectly logocal and sound reasoning. Why do people think that owning a car means you must drive it? For like everything?

Bike Like Crazy

Have I mentioned that Fall is fun this year? It has been a blast and one of the best things is that my friends, family and coworkers have switched from trying to discourage me from winter biking to teasing me about it. This is a welcome change!

Here are a few conversations that took place in the past week:

After biking to work in below freezing weather.
Boss’s Husband: Did you have your heater going on the way over?
Me: Sure did.
Boss’s Husband: Good thing, otherwise you would have died in this cold.

A customer has told me to call her if it is too cold or snowy to bike.
Coworker: Oh, you can offer her a ride alright, but she’ll never call you, she likes biking too much. You should see her in winter! For the first four hours of her shift she is all excited from biking in the…

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Ride Report Plus Life Report

Bought a car a few months ago. Really cramping my style. lol.

Looking to get back into a bicycle commute.

In other news, working on maintaining and expanding personal and spiritual growth.

Looking to become more involved with my AA, religious, and creative networks.

Working on a board game with a bike messenger theme.

Also working on learning some programming in conjunction with using RPGmaker xv ace to create a DS or early rpg  style game which is centered around characters I created in other blogs. This means that I am shifting my creative focus from writing. The writing was not coming along well and left me feeling stifled and frustrated. I like fantasy worlds and settings so I hope the rpg project will lay the ground work for expanding my characters and lead to some short story writing. No big dreams here, just want to continue the little universe I have created in mediums I enjoy.

Keep riding.

Biking is making me younger.

Bike Like Crazy

DSC01056Throughout my teen years and into the beginning of my twenties, I lived a sedentary life. I also really love food (which is why I cook in a restaurant). It doesn’t take much to figure out that the combination of those two factors wasn’t good for my health. My energy levels plummeted and even completing a regular shift at work left me drained. I didn’t have the motivation to accomplish much outside of work, all I really felt like doing was sitting around and watching my favorite cooking shows.

But then I started biking to work. Not all the time, but once or twice a week. Although it was fun and it felt good to be out in the fresh air, those ten miles to or from work seemed endless. But as many of you have experienced in your own lives, biking can be rather addictive. Three years ago, I…

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New Era poem2

There must be poets who go unsung.
There must be poets who shouldn’t be sung.
That’s the plan.
Write it.
Forget it.
We are just imitating the divine.
We need unread letters and awful poetry
The same way that

life seems to need death
Letters are nothing but compost.
Till a flower blooms
And someone’s sweetheart smiles
After hearing words pulled up from the dirt.